Saturday, 18 October 2014

Demand for Independent houses in Bangalore on the rise

Bangalore real estate market shows a rise in the demand of independent houses, notwithstanding the increase of real estate prices. Data shows demand for independent houses were on the rise across all zones in the third quarter ending on September 2014. A 10 percent rise was noted in North and South Bangalore, while Central Bangalore witnessed a rise of 1 per cent, with the Western part showing a rise of 7 per cent. The highest trend of increasing demand for independent houses was noted in the Eastern part of the city which was 14 per cent.

The experts opine that the reason for this rise in demand of independent houses can be attributed to the rising cost of the apartments which are almost at par with the independent houses. Thus buyers increasingly opt for independent houses which gives them extra freedom and absolute title over the property with lesser cost of maintenance which is higher for apartments.

Apart from privacy and freedom, independent houses stand as a mark of status for an individual. The natural tendency of a buyer would be to decrease maintenance cost which is possible in case of independent houses as he can maintain it as per his own budget.

The experts opine that this trend is driven by the end users. As the majority of the buyers of property are migrants, the demand for multi-storey apartment is still higher. The buyers of independent houses are mostly locals, based in Bangalore who are smaller in number. This view of the experts holds good as the buyers are mostly from the service class working in sectors like IT, manufacturing, etc., holding senior positions.

Scope of variations in Real estate prices
Bangalore being a market driven by end users, the chances of higher fluctuations in prices are low, compared to real estate prices of Mumbai and Delhi.

PropIndex supports this view stating that the real estate market of Bangalore remained steady for the July- September, 2014 quarter. Listed Price Monitor remained the same with Bangalore City Index dropping by a mere 1 per cent during this quarter.

Experts think buyers are probably waiting for the prices to fall after the budget. But nevertheless there were increasing demand of real estate property in locations like Ulsoor, Bannerghatta Road, Sarjapur Road, Vidyaranyapura, HSR Layout, Hebbal, Electronic City, Hennur, Koramangala and Aga Abbas Ali Road among others.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Dreamz Infra Dussehra Festival Offers

Dreamz Infra is presenting “Dussehra Home Festival” offer on Flats / Apartments in Bangalore. 3 lacs rupees of surprise Gift with every Flat if you buy on 4th & 5th October 2014.

Ready to Move Flats
Dreamz Siddhi at Electronic City
2BHK: 24 Lacs
3BHK: 32.75 Lacs
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Under Construction Apartments
Dreamz Sampoorna at Electronic City
2BHK: 15 Lacs
3BHK: 20 Lacs
Call us: +91-7022023525

Dreamz Samhita at JP Nagar
2BHK: 25 Lacs
3BHK: 38 Lacs
Call us: +91-7353978111

Dreamz Sumadhur at Vidyaranyapura
2BHK: 27 Lacs
3BHK: 34 Lacs
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Dreamz Sangam at Silk Board
2BHK: 22.25 Lacs
3BHK: 32 Lacs
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Dreamz Sneh at Marathahalli
2BHK: 33.25 Lacs
3BHK: 35.75 Lacs
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Pre-Launch Projects
Dreamz Safal at Kanakapura Road
2BHK: 22 Lacs
3BHK: 31 Lacs
Call us: +91-7022029689

Dreamz Suprabhata at Vidyaranyapura
2BHK: 27.50 Lacs
3BHK: 38.25 Lacs
Call us: +91-7353584111

Dreamz Ekadant at Sarjapura Road
2BHK: 26.25 Lacs
3BHK: 36.75 Lacs
Call us: +91-8970383111

Dreamz Samarpit at Hebbal
2BHK: 23.25 Lacs
3BHK: 32.50 Lacs
Call us: +91-9900043971

Dreamz Sadan at Kundalahalli
2BHK: 30 Lacs
3BHK: 41.25 Lacs
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Dreamz Shloka at HSR Layout
2BHK: 30 Lacs
3BHK: 42 Lacs
Call us: +91-7353622111

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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

BDA in the game of Withholding and Re-modification

The former government Congress seems to have outfoxed the precursor the BJP Government in withholding premium lands at the Arkavathy Layout. It is not only withholding more land but also it reformed many specifications and technical alignments to confront the process.

They first changed the word withholding to recodification this was initially done to avoid the rigorous regulations interlinked in the withholding process and also it was done to get rid of the scrutiny by a technically sound committee who has a correct grasp over the entire knowledge.

This withholding and de-notification was done according to the order of the court. The court has asked the government to redo the scheme and reframe it again, the court also urged to give a new name to the scheme rejuvenated and reframed.

This replacement of the term helped the BDA to avoid the revenue department order which was dated in December 20, 2012 this distributed the strategies for the de-notification and also helped in taking ownership of public and also the private land in the state of Karnataka. This change of term and the order made it much clear and necessary for the entire de-notification submissions notwithstanding of the jurisdictional departments to be liable to surrender all documents to the committee of five members which is usually headed by an added scrutiny chief. This decision could not be further overridden at any point of time and at any circumstances.

Majorly the BDA officers ostensibly certainly at the state government, interchanged the term to re-modification to circumvent the committee, as per the sources if the scenario could not be handles so there would have been constraints in the scene that time.

As this same re-modification was attempted in the early time too, there was an immense lack of required strategies and procedures this attempted resulted in a bypassing of the jury to pass a de-notification order which was passed by the then Chief Minister.

But this de-notification was made necessary in the year 2012 immediately after the state government was taken under charge by the Comptroller and the Auditor General (CAG) to take of those inconsistent and unlawful de-notifications of the properties as well as lands in the area of Bangalore.

A set of all the guidelines and strategies was issued to all the authoritative persons of the revenue department. These higher authorities have the required power and strength to procure and acquire land and property which is inclusive of the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), it also includes names like Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB), Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) This was also ensuring the inclusion of the Urban Development Authorities which were constituted under the Karnataka Development Authorities Act of 1987.


Saturday, 6 September 2014

Dreamz Infra Last Chance for Affordable Apartments in Bangalore

Dreamz Stands for innovation, and is offering now affordable housing across Bangalore Metro City. Company is offering almost 50 percent off on all apartments across Bangalore. This is a great opportunity to all middle class people who are looking buy apartments in Bangalore. Company announced that, this is the last week for affordable housing.

Apartments Projects Locations in Bangalore
Sarjapur Road, Kundalahalli, HSR Layout, Kanakapura Road, Begur Road, JP Nagar, Marathahalli, Horamavu, Hebbal, Electronic city, Koramangala, Silk Board, Hosa Road, Marathahalli etc..

2BHK & 3BHK Apartments in Bangalore Prices List (Locations Wise)

Ready to Move Apartments in Bangalore
If you are looking to buy ready to apartments in Bangalore, then Dreamz Infra have many projects. Like at Silk Board Dreamz Infra have ‘Dreamz Shivam’ and ‘Dreamz Siddhi’ at Electronic city. Below are the projects details.

Dreamz Shivam2BHK flat price is 35 lakhs rupees, where the current market price is 74.50 lakhs rupees. In Dreamz Siddhi (Electronic city) the 2BHK Apartment price is 25 lakhs rupees, where the current market price is 40 lakhs rupees and 3BHK is 34 lakhs (market price is 55 lakhs).

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dreamz Infra Ganesh Chaturthi Offers

Dreamz Infra is top most Real Estate / Residential Construction Company in Bangalore. Dreamz Infra established on 2nd of January 2011 with a sole aim that every Middle Class People can buy their Dream Home in Bangalore. Dreamz Infra fulfilled many people dream which was impossible for them to buy a home in Bangalore. Dreamz Infra is providing many offers & discounts on their Flats / Apartments in Bangalore and its surrounding areas. If you compare Dreamz Price with any other builders in Bangalore you will get huge difference almost 40% prices are lesser than the market price.

On the Occasion of “Ganesh Chaturthi” Dreamz Infra is providing special discounts on Flats / Apartments in Bangalore.
  • You can participate in Free Flat luck draw contest and get a Modular Kitchen worth of 75000 rupees.
  • Opening Special Reserved Flats for sale with best Architecture in each project for few lucky customers only.
  • 100% Money back with Interest in case of delay in project
  • Home Loan without IT Returns
Surprising Pre-Launch Offers on blow listed projects, save up to 60% offer valid till 31st August
Dreamz SaiRam at Marathahalli
2BHK Flats at 27.75 Lakhs
3BHK Flats at 35 Lakhs

Dreamz Samarpit at Hebbal
2BHK Flats at 19.50 Lakhs
3BHK Flats at 27.25 Lakhs

Our Completed Projects are Dreamz OM, Dreamz Shivam, Dreamz NAMAHA at Silk Board Bangalore. Home buyers bought Flats at 17 Lakhs to 24 Lakhs now having Market worth of 42 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs. We can say proudly these buyers are happy with Quality & Services.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Forging high-tech businesses in a nostalgic old capital called Mysore

Can you have your cake and eat it too? It seems so according to major industrialists, bureaucrats and politicians to transform Mysore into a new ‘angel investor’ capital fired business capital of India all set out to overtake Bangalore, of course, whilst at the same time escaping the ill fate of Bangalore due to unplanned reckless development.

And there is an organized political opposition to these ‘best laid plans of men and mice which often go awry’. The people of Mysore have made their stance clear that they find this lop sided economic development rather anti Kannada. They have united at the grassroots level and have thrown a spanner in the works of those who would deny jobs to ethnic kannadas.

To understand this, we might have to burrow into the hoary past. Initially Mysore was the undisputed capital of the province and not Bangalore. It happened to be the seat of the throne of Tipu Sultan, the undisputed monarch of the southern Indian provinces. However, he happened to be defeated and vanquished in the 4th Anglo – Mysore war by the British and according to the English commissar, the city of Mysore and even its palace was not found to suitable for creating a proxy British capital.

Nevertheless in less than 60-70 years Mysore was transformed by architects, engineers and educators into a lovely garden of learning and governance by the Wadiyars and the Divans.

Yet, with the capital being in Bangalore, Mysore was transformed into a tourist paradise, with its sole income coming from visitors from all parts of India and the globe, wishing to nostalgize the good old days of India’s other worldliness.

The day came when Bangalore became over saturated with over development to meet the housing demands of the IT professionals. This recklessness led to poor planning even when it came to sewage and hygiene in civil engineering. The Puttenhalli floods promptly come to mind, as regards this situation in particular.

The focus of businessmen shifted southwards since, because sky rocketing prices of real estate realties of different descriptions made it rather impossible to operate from and generate a mutual profit.

The net output of Bangalore in terms of software exports were 1 lakh Crore this year and has been 2,500 Crore for Mysore. The only tier-2 city that approaches Mysore is Bhubaneswar in Orissa. However this has created a major demographic shift due to which, the local populace is aggrieved and has xenophobic sentiments.

Nevertheless, the government has applied a soothing balm of financial investments for these ills. A huge budding sector of urbanization is underway and enables locals as well as ‘outsiders’ to win together. After all the locals are the legal possessors of the land, and due to private venture efforts, today investors with deep pockets from other parts of Karnataka and India are investing in land that will be extremely profitable for both of the parties.

There will always be competition between companies and rumors indicate that the kannadas might not be able to afford these plans. In addition they believe that Mysore’s splendid horizontal architecture like Toronto, Canada and Sydney, Australia; might turn into a jungle of shoddy glassy skyscrapers.

In assurance, the government has initiated schemes and a construction of a massive 6 lane highway between Bangalore and Mysore.

So, given these contradictory facts, how do we preserve the golden heritage of Mysore?

The first fact to keep in mind is that the people of Mysore would really love from the bottom of their hearts to possess the riches of the Bangaloreans. Yet, Mysore, given its Omni presently attractive wide footpaths, well planned layouts, gardens, roads and over 250 heritage structures and of course the reputation of being a royal city; would hate to a concrete jungle.

And come to think of it, that would be appalling.

Still, the companies who would wish to urbanize Mysore, private and governmental, want the same thing. In certain countries like Singapore, the new blends with the old seamlessly, so why not Mysore? Both parties agree on that point and strongly feel that had Bangaloreans the foresight that the people & corporates of Mysore possess, the quintessential building block of Bangalore’s economy, the concrete IT professional’s cube, would not come to pass.

Important organizations that echo this are the Confederation of Indian Industry, amongst many others. In fact, Kris Gopalakrishnan, immediate past president of CII and co-founder and non-executive chairman of Infosys Pvt. Ltd. expressed these same sentiments. R. Chandra Prakash, a retired Professor of Commerce, of the University of Mysore, who has worked on urban development issues, and Bhamy V. Shenoy, founder of Mysore Grahakara Parishat, both founders of activist groups are raising serious issues about this. However we need to keep two things in mind, the people that they represent may not be business savvy, and there may be vested competitor corporate interests behinds these opinionated arguments.

These opinions are true to a quite large extent even being rather contradictory sometimes, but here are some practical solutions.

The massive 2,500 Crore revenue generated can go into rejuvenating the core center of Mysore comprising of Amba Vilas Palace, Jaganmohan Palace, K.R. Circle, Dufferin Clock Tower, Town Hall and Deva raja market amongst many other beloved places which evoke nostalgia.

The problem here is that, according to Mr. Chandra Prakash, the planning committee, instead of pushing the business infrastructure to the periphery and preserving the center, has mis-mashed both into one hybrid area. This is disastrous. The tourism industry would be cut off like water from a faucet or tap.

N.S. Rangaraju, a retired Professor from the Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, from the University of Mysore, who was also a member of the Heritage Sub-committee, believes that “nothing less than a straight legislation is necessary for the protection of Mysore’s Grand legacy as 3.5 million visitors from all over the world, fuel the tourist industry which keeps the wheels of the economy burning.”

C.G. Bethsurmath, The commissioner for archeology, museums and heritage, has said that these laws were in the final stages of getting approval. Mysore has many beautiful landscapes like Chamundi hills, and lovely lakes like Kukkarahalli, Lingambudhi, Karanji and Dalvoy — are today facing the challenge of extinction.

The future of Mysore may seem a gray scale of cloud and fuzziness, but remember, every cloud has a silver lining, and men and women of all walks of life in Mysore are united in making this great little city the royal seat of power it – in the yesteryears of Kings ship and nowadays of business giants.

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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Property Market observed a drip in the early half of the Year 2014

The real estate market of has been observing some shake since the last six months of the past year and the early half of 2014. This has not been too promising for many developers as per the data provided by the real estate advisory service provider.

Major projects have come to a standstill due to the delay in their supply. Cities like Mumbai and Delhi have the highest number of unsold inventories among all major metro cities where as Mumbai and Gurgaon have the most luxurious and expensive, high budgeted unsold inventory of up to 1 Crore. This survey was carried out in cities like Noida, Kolkata, Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore.

The real estate market in the Delhi NCR has decreased when compared to the last year. It was also stated that the launches suffered a decrease by 50 % and also there was sale volume depreciation by 22% during the early quarter of 2014 which when compared to that of the last year of 2013.

Affordability has been difficult due to the property prices striking high whereas the income level still is stagnant. It is also clear that as nearly 40% of the projects under construction have been delayed it has resulted in the tarnishing if the buyer confidence and hence it has reduced their interest which is quite visible in the slowdown of sales. Nevertheless the study showcases that in spite of the 49% potential buyers in the area is still investing from a projected view point there is still a hope for the correction in the real estate market. Thus, this correction will eventually result in the investment appreciation in the market.

In southern India the market has been a bit stable, the sales figure in Bangalore has gone up by 6 % each year. The survey revealed that Bangalore’s property market caters to 80% mainly the end users which constitute of the large consumers who are composed of the local buyers and professionals who are working also it includes the client who are NRI’s.

The IT Hub and the Silicon city alone have accounted for 17% of the new launches and has witnessed a hike of approximately 8% in the fresh supply in the similar quarter while other metro cities have witnessed a decrease on the same front. This clearly depicts that the real estate market in Bangalore is pretty unaffected even because of the predominant worse economic scenario. The builders still continue to supply the best options for both the middle as well as the upper middle section.

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