Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Factors drive the Growth of Kengeri Road in Bangalore

The Kengeri stretch has attracted many consumers due to its array of luxury as well as affordable availability of options. Kengeri has been one of the most attractive areas for investment in the outskirts of Bangalore as it has been one of the satellite towns of the city. Kengeri is an extended stretch of road that connects Bangalore City to the suburbs in the South extending up till Mysore.

Though the area is still not functional in a full-fledged way it has seen declaration of many projects by many of the leading developers. There is also a remarkable 20 % increase in the property prices which is around.
This area has been one to top list of many of the consumers primarily for two reasons one being the land price affordable and the other being the availability of luxury apartments along the road.

The Realty Development Scenario
The Bangalore Development Authority has taken the credit of developing several satellite towns along the stretch and much recently many of the satellite towns were set up in the same region.

The price tag of multi- story apartments alongside this belt is around Rs. 3,000 to 3,700 per sq. ft. During the last six months the area has alone witnessed a 10 percent increase in the property on an average basis. The price tag of residential plots in this stretch is following in the range of Rs. 17,600 to 20,000 per sq. yd. Ever since Jan- Mar 2014 quarter the prices have recorded a an average 19 percent increase. 

The Connectivity fact
The Kengeri Railway Station located on the Bangalore Mysore rail route is extremely close to the Kengeri Main Road. This passage is well-connected with several express trains having their halts here. The names of a few trains which have pass through this passage way and have a fair duration of halt here include Chamundi Express, Mysore- Chennai Express, Yeshwantpur- Karwar Express which connects Bangalore- Mysore, Bangalore- Mangalore, Udupi and Karwar. The Tuticorin – Mysore express also connects well to this region. The railway station there has a technically sound computerized passenger reservation system which is totally functional.

In the coming time Kengeri will witness the construction of the Traffic Transit Management Centre (TTTMC) of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation to be set up in this area.

There are also hopes of the Namma Metro corridor to be extended up to Kengeri Satellite Town from Nayandahalli on the Mysore Road which is closer to this stretch. A fact that edifies all these happenings is such that the Kengeri Road is nearly closer to the Outer Ring Road and hence, it is well connected to the major regions.

Other altitudes which have kept the kept the realty sector growing in this region is the expansion of sites like the Art of Living Ashram, International Airport, International Schools, Resorts and also the fact the various shopping malls will come up in the future will definitely stimulate the real estate growth in this region.

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Dreamz Infra Weekend Offers

Dreamz Infra weekend offers. Buy Flats / Apartments at 40% lesser than Market Price. Dreamz Infra India is serving 4000+ Satisfied Customers; Chance to meet our customers face to face before you planning to buy, if they suggest you then only buy your Dream home with Dreamz Infra.

Below are the some of Dreamz Infra projects:
Dreamz Siddhi at Electronic City – Ready to occupy Flats with luxury amenities.
2BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-40.00 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-22.00 Lakhs
3BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-55.00 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-27.00 Lakhs

Dreamz Saakar at Horamavu
2BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-52.00 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-29.00 Lakhs
3BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-71.50 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-39.75 Lakhs

Dreamz Sumadhur at Vidyaranyapura (Premium Location)
2BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-36.00 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-25.00 Lakhs
3BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-45.50 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-30.00 Lakhs

Dreamz Sarvodaya at Sarjapur Road (Budgeted Flats)
2BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-46.00 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-18.00 Lakhs
3BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-56.75 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-32.50 Lakhs

Dreamz Samhita at J.P.Nagar (Near Puttenahalli Lake, BBMP Approved)
2BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-56.00 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-29.00 Lakhs
3BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-78.00 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-40.50 Lakhs

Dreamz Sneh at Marathahalli (BBMP Approved with all amenities)
2BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-54.50 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-28.00 Lakhs
3BHK Flats / Apartments
Market Price-57.50 Lakhs, Dreamz Price-30.00 Lakhs

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Friday, 11 July 2014

This is why our real estate competitors are right about us

Any business endeavor is a competitive arena. The modern civilized world has not changed much since mankind stepped out of the evolutionary forest into the concrete jungle. And man has succeeded in conquering the planet not because of his intelligence, that is, being smarter than other living beings, but because of his imagination. In fact Einstein said that the ability to visualize outcomes before they occurred was the hallmark of a successful species. Imagination being more powerful than logic. Elementary.

The world today has stepped out of the concrete into the ceramic chips that power the internet. And this opened many challenges to any organization. The web took business to another level all together.


Dreamz Infra modest successes in the real estate market speak for themselves. Our successes that live on in our buildings that affordably house the middle class who could not otherwise be encouraged to invest in such luxurious properties at a budget rate.

Our dear valued customer, if you have come across material on the internet deriding our humble works of art, it is because those who post such profanity are incapable of appreciating beauty.

At no cost we will succumb nor relinquish our commitment to give our best to our clients, and extend a warm invitation to prospective buyers.

Dreamz Infra competitors are right about us. Our crime is that of honesty and transparency. 

Maybe we live in an age of profound fraudsters, but we certainly know that we keep the highest integrity values of trust as the highest values to our clients. So, you can feel free to feel secure whilst doing business with us.

Maybe Dreamz Infra competitors are right after all, our crime is that of affordable innovation. We could tell you to purchase a flat through us, but we would not, because that is your smart decision.

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Bangalore’s Real estate gives many young realtors a chance to enter into the market

Many of the home makers are entering the real market and working as a realtor. As it is a known fact that this segment does not requires a 9 to 5 job many women have turned up in this sector. Those who are not keen on joining a full time employment have taken this sector a career. Employment in this sector gives a change to make good money and also offers reasons to socialize. In India one really doesn’t requires a certificate or a license to work as a realtor. The job also offers flexible working hours.

There is also a scope in this sector as a realtor because there are not many people in this segment. Many people think that it is a convenient career to have due to all the above discussed reasons. It is a fact that several young and talented people have entered the market from diverse fields of business.

Nothing spreads faster in this segment than the word of mouth. Many of the realtors have carried out the best deals in Crore and have handled the clients in the best situation making their buying experience happy and contented. The article discusses the essential skills required to master the industry.

The purchasers and investors of this section have faced the process earlier and are looking for a much luxurious and comfortable experience. Being a realtor required to be updated in a manner your client is updated it is suggested that read the magazines which your clients reads, take a visit to the cultural venues where your clients usually go, also try understanding their complete expectation and also try interacting with them in their language.

Improve your presentation skills to make their experience a more luxurious one. Organize for client meetings, visit and arrange for follow-ups. To keep them interested, send them personalize videos regularly about each project. Patience is equally important while dealing with the clients. Some of the clients may be the first time home buyers and so one needs to be really patience to understand their requirements.

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bangaloreans being preferred Mysore as a second home destination

Mysore is growing at a faster rate. Every one related to the realty sector in Bangalore is optimistic about the upcoming developments in the city. A lot many people commute from Bangalore to Mysore on every day basis due to their employment requirements. Due to this heavy commute daily an expected real estate development may happen doubling in numbers providing many residential opportunities. There are chances of the Bangalore - Mysore railway to get some speed also. The plan still has some time to happen. By the time things take shape some of the buyers are taking Mysore as a second option for investment destination. With the year gone by the number of people traveling up and down Bangalore - Mysore has doubled in numbers and stands around 50,000 now. Keeping in mind the increasing stress of population migrating on daily basis the real estate has started taking precautions so that the commuters will be able to a comfortable journey as compared to the current situation.

According to an apartment consulting company it is speculated that Mysore will soon see an outburst of an IT Hub, which will happen in rounds and this has been stagnant for a couple of months. But some momentum is been expected in the near time to come.


The confederation of Indian Industries CII has declared Mysore as a potential destination for IT and ITeS. It is also a known fact that an industrial hub is coming u at Chamrajanagar which will boost the plantation as well as the horticulture industries. Due to such major advancements the job avenues will also widen.

The strengthened image of job opportunities will also shape the growth of Mysore. Due to Mysore’s nearness to Chennai, Kerala and Bangalore there is a major number of non- local working populations. If Mysore emerges as a site of opportunities then this working and employed population, will be seen as potential investors of real estate property in the area.

Mysore property prices
As a wide range of property options are available in Bangalore for the future potential buyers. Every investor aims for an affordable deal. The price tag of major residential setting is tagged around 40 Lakhs. The price range of a 2BHK unit is ranging around Rupees. 27 to Rupees. 92 Lakhs depending on several factors of amenities. This price tag is relative to the size of the unit offered which around 875 sq. ft. to 1480 sq. ft. whereas the unit price of 3BHK is around Rupees. 32 Lakhs to 1.4 Crore and the size for the same is nearly 1000 to 2700 sq. ft. Mysore will also have residential settings in form of apartments, villas and also builder floors.

Why to consider Mysore
Mysore is little away from city peaceful and calm. The city has a well spread greenery and serenity. It is a heaven for the retired people to settle. Mysore is relatively affordable and that is one of the reasons for the city being preferred by many. Mysore also offers low cost housing which is ideal for the working population. The NRI investors are eager to invest in Mysore according to a local real estate company many of the HNI’s and the NIR’s have put forward a lot of enquires for living in this region. Mysore undoubtedly fits their bill as a settlement area. It is also estimated that the capital appreciation can happen up to 25 % year after year making the place ideally suiting for affordable investments. Mysore is far from problems like water scarcity and also has a very stable social and a physical infrastructure. There are schools, collages, undergraduate and medical collages in Mysore in abundant numbers.

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Dreamz Infra Builders at Bangalore’s Biggest Home Fair

Dreamz Infra is a brand now in the residential construction market for providing affordable apartments in Bangalore. Dreamz Infra is constructing more than 30 plus projects across Bangalore in all major locations like Marathahalli, Horamavu, JP Nagar, Silk Board, Electronic city, Whitefield, Koramangala etc.

Dreamz Infra at Bangalore Home Fair

This weekend ie 28th and 29th of June 2014 TGS Property is conducting Bangalore’s biggest home fair “Home Sweet Home” Area wise home fair. The home fair is conducting on 6 locations.

Sarjapur Road
Silk Board / HSR Layout
JP Nagar
Electronic City
Mysore Road

Dreamz Infra is also having 1 stall in all 6 locations of ‘Home Sweet Home’. Dreamz Apartments prices starts from 11 lakhs for 1 BHK apartments, 15 lakhs rupees for 2BHK apartments, 21.75 lakhs rupees for 3BHK apartments.

Visit Dreamz Infra Silk Board office, if you're looking for
Apartments for sale in Bangalore within 15 lakhs
Apartments in Bangalore between 15 to 25 lakhs
Apartments in Bangalore between 25 to 35 lakhs

Hurry up!!! Utilize this biggest opportunity to book your dream home.

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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Dreamz Infra Apartments Prices are Increasing

Sorry Our Price is going to increase by 12%from 23rd June

Last Two days to buy flats at discounted price

More than 30 Dreamz Projects in Bangalore / Bengaluru.

Hurry up Bangaloreans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last two days to buy apartments / flats in Bangalore at discounted price. From 23rd June onwards Dreamz Infra Apartments prices will increase by 12 percent. Thus, utilize 21st and 22nd June two days to book your dream home at discount price.

Dreamz Infra discount price is almost apartments price will be 40 percent less than the current market price. For example the market price of 2BHK Apartment in Marathahalli is 54.50 lakhs rupees. But Dreamz Infra price is 30 lakhs rupees. Currently Dreamz Infra have more than 30 projects across the Bangalore / Bengaluru.

Some the of the major locations of the projects are Marathahalli, Sarjapur Road, Electronic city, Horamavu, JP Nagar, Silk board, Vidyaranyapura, Begur Road, Whitefield etc.

Recently Dreamz Infra also launched luxury apartments projects at Sarjapur Road and Marathahalli. If you're looking to buy luxury apartments in Bangalore visit Dreamz Infra office at silk board and book your dream home.

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