Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dreamz Infra Diwali Offers- A Good Opportunity For Customers To Encash

We are Dreamz Infra India Ltd., the mother of affordable housing in the expensive city of Bengaluru. We are proud to announce that we sell flats at half the prices at which the market sells. The question naturally arises that there must be some snags or hidden agenda somewhere or else how is it possible. That’s what the market thought about us three or four years back and there was skepticism about us. Today we have proved that it is possible and Bengaluru’s real estate is a bit overpriced wherein we have sacrificed our profits for you and have gone for mass production. We have already given possession to 300 + families in our completed apartments with service warranty and they are highly satisfied with what they got and the price at which they got it.

That is our specialty which makes us stand proudly among thousands of real estate companies all over Bangalore.  We thank the customers and the denizens of the IT capital for their support for which we have more than 40 projects in the city today. Many among these have been on the way of completion and we will complete these very soon.

The good news is that there is a festive offer in this season of Diwali and we intend to give more discounts to our esteemed customers with winning prizes too like motor bikes, cars and other gifts and prizes.  Flats and apartments all over the city will be on the display and we invite all who desire to avail flats and apartments in Bengaluru at affordable prices and more importantly within their budgets. You need not worry as our financial consultants will assist you in arranging for the finances from the banks with your support. What else! Just go for it and grab a flat at half the prices at locations where you will reap three times the value within a year. See you at the festival. Happy Home shopping!! A happy Diwali!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Construction Work at Dreamz Sarovar Began

Dreamz Sarovar is actually a gold mine in an area near Silk Board. That is because of the location, the greenery around along with the infrastructure that is a rarity to find. The Bhumi Puja and the ceremonies on the land of Dreamz Sarovar are all complete.  Sarovar is a G+5 structure with 252 flats in total with 2 and 3 BHK apartments in it. We additionally mention that the land is also made to be Vastu compliant with all the apartments as well.

There is further good news as the construction work has already started for this picturesque building. As you see in the photographs taken the land is being levelled. The earth is also being dug for the structure and the foundation to be laid down. Dreamz Infra admits that it takes some time to get approvals and clearances due to which the construction work is delayed in most of the cases. But after the construction starts there is no stopping. Work goes on in an uninterrupted manner. Dreamz Infra assures the customers and the people who have booked the flats in Dreamz Infra that very soon the work of Dreamz Sarovar will be complete with the possession being delivered.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Super Sale Of flats In Bengaluru – Festive Season Offers Extended At Dreamz Infra

There is good news for the people looking for luxury flats and apartments in Bengaluru at affordable costs and prices. Many know about Dreamz Infra who sells low cost flats and apartments in Bengaluru and virtually the company is treated as the forerunner in this movement of affordable flats and apartments in the IT Capital. The reason being the company started selling flat and apartments at a price 40 to 50 percent lesser than the market rates. This made the company popular and Dreamz GK grew in leaps and bounds.

The good news is that the company held a super sale of flats in all corners of Bengaluru with even more discounts and offers of winning prizes by the customers, on the occasion of Navaratri. The festive offer also facilitated the customers with a due diligence process where the company allowed the prospective customers to verify their doubts and questions and even they also allowed the buyers to talk with the land owners too. Only then if the customers are convinced they may book the flats.

This offer has been extended by few days and this is indeed good news for the buyers from the company’s end. We fervently hope that people who were not able to make it last time will make it this time.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Affordable Housing Segment In Bengaluru

Dreamz Infra is undoubtedly the pioneer in the affordable housing segment of Bengaluru. The company has made an indelible mark in the customer segment and it has also housed more than 300 families already in its completed projects. The company challenges its quality and gives an offer to customers wherein the customers can enquire and do a due diligence with the old customers of the company and even the land owners. After the enquiry the company asks the customers to book their flats and apartments. Such is the confidence of Dreamz Infra. The skepticism that was there in the minds of the people due to the low prices is not there anymore. Dreamz Infra has proved that flats and apartments in Bengaluru can be provided at half the prices of the flats sold by other developers. The company also gives service warranty to the buildings built by them. With all these being true there is a long queue of customers to book flats with Dreamz Infra as they do not get the apartments at such a low price anywhere else. But this is also true that the apartments are limited in number and can’t be increased even if the company wants immediately.

A Dhamaka sale is organized by Dreamz GK which will last till 4th Oct. 2015 and the company has flats and apartments in all corners of the city. There are apartments available at Thanisandra, Electronic City, HSR Layout, J P Nagar, Sarjapura Road, Silk Board, Marathahalli, Vidyaranyapura, HBR Layout and many other places. Needless to say that all the apartments are of ultimate quality with all modern amenities being provided like child’s play area, gym, community hall and many others. The striking part of this Dhamaka offer is that apart from the discounts in flats and apartments there is a lucky draw too with many prizes. If you are lucky enough you may get another flat absolutely free. So be quick, till the opportunity lasts.

Friday, 11 September 2015

Dreamz Infra offers a seven step due diligence of builder verification and announces a further discount of 20 percent.

Dreamz GK is an established name in the affordable housing segment of Bengaluru. Today the company has already provided housing and apartments to more than 300 people who are living happily. Quite few numbers of projects are nearing completion and will be delivered shortly for possession. The company has modelled a new way of convincing customers and that is really good if seen from the customer’s stand point. The company offers the customers to talk to the land owners of the plots on which the apartment is built and also allows the prospective customers to talk to the existing customers who have already possessed flats constructed by Dreamz Infra and is living in it. The company offers flats and homes at a price which is 50 percent lower than the market prices. The company openly declares it and is proud about it. In that price the Dreamz Infra manages to provide utilities and amenities like swimming pool, elevators, community hall, gymnasium and many more. This is indeed an opportunity for the customers looking for apartments and homes within their budgets. The company also provides assistance for the home loans and can also arrange for no pre-EMI options as well.
The company sources say that they understand the pulses of the customers and also realize that home buying is a life time affair and it entails lot of emotions associated with it. So, that is precisely the reason why the company has arranged a seven step process of verification and due diligence where the customers can verify the credentials of the builder to the minutest detail and then book the flat. No wonder, Dreamz Infra will arrange for free pick up and drop along with a consultant and a guide who will help you choose the right property. There are properties in almost all the locations in the North, East, West and the South of Bengaluru for you to choose from. So the advice of the property consultants of the company to the customers are that investors or the first time home buyers should not wait, they should buy the property first and then wait as the number of apartments is always limited.

Friday, 28 August 2015


Onam knocks at the door. Onam is not a festival of kerala alone as it is a time for the new harvest to be reaped and this is the time Varalakshmi Puja is also celebrated with enthusiasm. In short there is a festive mood all around and throughout there is a hum of prosperity in nature as well. In tune with this festive mood Dreamz Infra brings some good news to the inhabitants of Bengaluru by announcing some more discounts for flats in Electronic City, Vidyaranyapura, Marathahalli, Sarjapura, Silk Board, Horamavu, Thannisandra and few more places. Dreamz Infra prices were already lowest in the market but this time due to the festive mood the company declares even more discounted prices owing to the festival and in a spree to sell few of the remaining apartments in its store.

The apartments are all situated at the most lucrative locations of the areas mentioned with the best of luxury amenities too. Apart from that there is a unique offer of Dreamz Infra that is being given from the 28th to 30th August 2015. The offer is, you can have a look at the past projects of the company, talk with the past customers and the existing land owners of the projects you are going to buy from and then you can decide to book. This is a unique offer from Dreamz Infra which has been devised by the company to gain trust and loyalty from the prospective customers. A great idea indeed! Lot of customers in the affordable segment has been booking flats as the prices are at the rock bottom and there is an assured guarantee from the company and its past customers.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Dreamz Infra pays homage to the Independence Day of India by offering flat 50% discount at Freedom Fair

Dreamz Infra India Ltd. pays its homage to the freedom struggle of India and to celebrate the nation’s plight for the Independence Day, Dreamz Infra brings you the Freedom Fair on 1st and 2nd August, 2015. This is commemorated by Dreamz GK by offering a flat 50 % discount on all the apartments in Bengaluru on display for you to choose from. Dreamz Infra has apartments for you in every corner of the city at various stages of launch and construction. The apartments are all loaded with the amenities that you would look for in a luxury apartment like cub house, gymnasium, elevator, power back up and all others that would suit a higher standard of living. Dreamz GK welcomes you for a higher standard of living and quality of life at the lowest of prices. This is the tribute of the company for the Independence Day celebrations of India.

There is a unique feature of the home fair organized by Dreamz Infra which has not been noted anywhere earlier. The company claims that for the first time any developer is allowing the prospective customers to meet the past and the existing clients and get their feedback about the properties built by them. The prospective customers will be given an opportunity to visit the past projects built by the company, interact with the existing customers and then see and inspect the projects built by the company and make all enquiries that they want to. This will stand as a guarantee as to the quality of the services they are about to get from Dreamz Infra. If they are satisfied, only can they go for booking the flats at their convenient locations and that too at 50 % lesser than the market prices. This is indeed a great and never before opportunity where trust, confidence and a huge discount is offered at one go at the Freedom Fair, 2015 held on 1st and 2nd August.

The company insists that this kind of opportunity is hard to offer all the time due to the constraints of the realty industry and urges the customers not to wait and hurry to get the offer. The reason probably is that such heavy discounts can only be given when there are large number of flats and apartments. The demand is also huge and the company sources say that the sales and response from the customer’s end are overwhelming. That’s precisely the reason the fair has been organized only for two days. It indirectly means that opportunity missed will cost you double.