Friday, 13 March 2015

Dreamz Sneh under construction apartment in Marathahalli

Sneh at Marathahalli is built on 54, 450 sq. ft. having 192 apartments of 2 and 3 BHK. The specialty of these apartments among many is all the apartments have two or more bathrooms on a G + 5 storey structure. Among other amenities it has a community hall, a steam Jacuzzi, well equipped gym, club house, children’s play area and a video door bell.

The good news is that the construction is mid-way through and in some portions, all the roofs have been molded and the partition walls are being constructed as shown in the picture. The pictures show that the pillars and beams are robust enough to support the buildings for a longer period of time without any major maintenance efforts.

Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Apartment at Marathahalli 1
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Status
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Apartment at Marathahalli 2
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Side Wide
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Apartment at Marathahalli 3
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Top View
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Apartment at Marathahalli 4
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Front View
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Apartment at Marathahalli 5
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Bird View
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Apartment at Marathahalli 6
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Top Front View
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Apartment at Marathahalli 7
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Front Side View
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Apartment at Marathahalli 9
Dreamz Sneh Under Construction Ground View
Dreamz is leaving no stone unturned to keep the pace of construction fast enough to complete the work as early as possible. Work is being carried on in shifts to complete the project quickly. With your kind cooperation and support we expect that we will be able to hand over the keys to the people who booked the flats in short span of time.

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Bengaluru real estate market to surge higher and is all set to remain high

Bengaluru has undoubtedly emerged as the fastest growing city of India since the past few decades and IT sector has been the primary growth driver and has brought about a sea change in the real estate development in the city. Bengaluru is a cosmopolitan with multicultural demographics with a fairly good physical and social infrastructure. There are various micro-market pockets at the Outer Ring Road (ORR), Whitefield, Sarjapur Road and North Bengaluru.

This growth of Bengaluru can be attributed to a fast increasing number of High Net Worth individuals and movement of NRIs and expatriates. The proposed infrastructure by the government and the development of two more Information Technology Investment Region (ITIR) in Devenahalli and Doddabellapur has increased the prospects of Bengaluru even higher. Furthermore the government proposes to develop the Peripheral Ring Road, Signal free ORR, Mono Rail, Elevated Expressways and high speed rail links. All these taken together the prospects are high in the time to come as opined by the real estate experts.

Statistics say that Bengaluru’s residential market will remain highly active in the near future with 2, 43, 000 dwelling units expected to be constructed till 2018. The city of Bengaluru is a prominent IT and ITeS hub of South India which attracts work force from India and abroad too propelling the massive housing needs.

In a study conducted by a renowned global real estate consultancy the projections for supply indicate that about 56 percent of new residential units may cater to the middle income segment, 29 percent to the low income segment and the remaining 15 percent to the high income group. The estimates say that there is a projected gap of demand and supply of 1, 96, 000 units with a shortfall of 38 percent in the High Income Group.

The experts and the market watchers opine that the focus of Bengaluru real estate was on the MIG segment basically due to the large-scale middle level IT workforce in the city. But the estimates say that as the headquarters of many companies and multinationals are located here in Bengaluru and are on the rise the need for the HIG segment housing has surged up to a significant rate. In future exclusive housing for the CEOs may also catch up in demand as foretold by the market observers.

As per the study conducted by the international real estate consultant, the demand for urban housing in India is expected to be about 13 million units by the end of the 2018 on account of the increasing population in the urban areas. This demand forecast is in addition to the already unmet demand.

Although the estimate says the MIG sector is expected to generate the highest volume of demand of 1.08 million units and the HIG housing sector demand is estimated at 0.52 million units. The demand from LIG and MIG segment will constitute 80 percent of the demand in the eight metro cities of India.

The expected supply of residential units which includes the planned and the under construction units as well is estimated at 1.31 million which is estimated to be supplied to all the eight metro cities by the year end of 2018 with the Delhi-NCR region with estimated highest supply of about 5, 16, 000 units in the coming five years trailed by Bengaluru, with about 2, 43, 000 units and Mumbai with 2, 03, 000 units. The expected supply in the LIG segment will be around 21 percent as estimated in the top eight cities while the demand will constitute 58 percent of the total demand supply gap. The Middle Income Segment accounts for the supply of about 59 percent across the top eight cities while it has a share of 23 percent in the demand supply gap.  Cities like Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai are expected to have the highest shortfall in the gap of demand supply in the MIG segment.

As far as the LIG segment housing is concerned there are many developers who are building low priced housing and in them Dreamz Infra India Limited’s name needs special mention. Notwithstanding the rising costs of material, labour and land, Dreamz Infra is one of the best Construction Companies providing Flats at affordable prices or in fact low prices. Read the customer’s feedback about Dreamz Infra to know more about Dreamz Infra India Limited.

With all the problems of the real estate sector like rising material costs, land valuation, delayed approvals, outdated building norms, uncertain economic conditions and slow sales volumes, the real estate sector of India will certainly show an upward trend owing to the surge in demand at least in the Urban India. As Bengaluru is on the ride of fast development and change, it will experience a favourable market condition in the recent future. This is at least what the estimates, surveys and the market watchers have to say. The question lies, are we ready to adopt the change.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Dreamz Infra Weekly Offer 7 & 8 Feb'15

Below are  the Dreamz Infra Weekly offer on 7 & 8 February'15. Great opportunity to buy flats in Bengaluru / Bangalore.

Extended Republic offer. (Last Chance)
Dreamz Infra Weekly Offer 7&8Feb15

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Dreamz Infra 2015 Republic Day Celebration Photos

To commemorate the Republic day on the 66th year after Indian independence, Dreamz Infra along with all their co-makers and employees celebrated the event on 26th January 2015 on the ground adjacent to the office of Dreamz Infra in Silk Board. It was a grand celebration where lot of customers, admirers and others from the larger section of public attended the function with enthusiasm. The Indian flag was hoisted with the august presence of few business personalities and dignitaries.

DreamzInfra Republic Day Celebrations 1

DreamzInfra Republic Day Celebrations 2

DreamzInfra Republic Day Celebrations 3

DreamzInfra Republic Day Celebrations 5

DreamzInfra Republic Day Celebrations 6

DreamzInfra Republic Day Celebrations 8

DreamzInfra Republic Day Celebrations 9

DreamzInfra Republic Day Celebrations 10

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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

EPFO Plans of Affordable Housing Scheme for Its Subscribers

The labour ministry is all set in preparing a large housing scheme for the Employee Provident Fund subscribers wherein over five crore subscribers of the EPFO will be offered affordable housing in accordance with the agenda of the central government “Housing for All by 2022”.

The labour ministry proposes to collaborate with the various Public sector units, PSU banks, state owned construction companies like NBCC, National Housing development Authority, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), HUDA, PUDA, etc. to construct houses at a price fixed by the government.

Abusedreamz EPFO Plans of Affordable Housing Scheme

The ministerial sources said that the labour ministry is currently preparing schemes for offering affordable housing for the Employees Provident Fund Organization subscribers and especially for those under the low income group category. With this the sources said that there are over 70 percent of the EPFO subscribers whose wages are lesser than Rupees 15, 000 per month.

The prime minister’s office sent a recent note asking the retirement fund body to promote this initiative of providing affordable housing for the subscribers and to utilize its funds for this purpose. The sources from Provident Fund Office said that if a corpus from the EPFO is created deploying 15 percent of the total provident fund it will amount to a credit flow of about Rupees 70 000 crores and is equivalent to funds required for 3.5 lakh additional low cost homes for the subscribers. Presently the EPFO manages a huge sum of Rupees  6.5 lakh crores and its annual incremental deposits is more than Rupees 70,000 crore. The EPFO is looking at a scheme wherein the subscribers can utilize their provident fund savings as a loan to fulfil the part payments of the cost of houses. Presently according to the stipulations the EPFO subscribers can withdraw money for the cause of building houses after completing five years of contribution to the provident fund.

The labour ministry is also thinking of options where it can provide subsidy to the EPFO subscribers who belongs to the low income category to facilitate the subscribers to avail various schemes of the government for low cost housing. This scheme will be kept optional for the subscribers of the EPFO as the ministry doesn't consider it necessary to provide affordable houses for the ones who already own a house.

The housing schemes will have different categories under different income brackets namely high income, low income and middle income. The houses offered and the financial schemes and incentives will be according to the basis of one’s income category.

Through the provident fund account the subscribers will pay the equal monthly instalments’ of the home loan procured. Information from sources reveals that the Employees Provident Fund Organization may create a fund from the total funds to create provisions for the housing loans for the subscribers at reasonable interest rates.

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dreamz Infra 2014 Last Home Fair Pics

Dreamz Infra recently conducted 2014 Last home fair on 27th and 28th December 2014. Many of the home buyers in Bangalore / Bengaluru visited this home fair and booked their dream home with ‘Dreamz Infra’. Below are the some pictures of Home Fair.

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 1

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 2

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 3

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 4

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 5

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 6

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 7

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 8

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 9

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 10

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 11

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 12

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 13

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Dreamz Sangam Status – A Lake View Project in Bengaluru

Very good news to all Dreamz Sangam project customers. The construction of the project is in full swing. Below are the photos of construction photos of Dreamz Sangam Project at Silk Board. Everybody knows the demand of lake view projects in Bengaluru is more. Even expensive also in terms of buying those kind of apartments. But Dreamz Infra provided 2BHK and 3BHK flats in in Dreamz Sangam around 20 lakhs rupees as a Pre-Launch offer. Now customers of this project can see the updates here.

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 1

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 2

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 3

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 4

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 5

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 6

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