Tuesday, 13 January 2015

EPFO Plans of Affordable Housing Scheme for Its Subscribers

The labour ministry is all set in preparing a large housing scheme for the Employee Provident Fund subscribers wherein over five crore subscribers of the EPFO will be offered affordable housing in accordance with the agenda of the central government “Housing for All by 2022”.

The labour ministry proposes to collaborate with the various Public sector units, PSU banks, state owned construction companies like NBCC, National Housing development Authority, Delhi Development Authority (DDA), HUDA, PUDA, etc. to construct houses at a price fixed by the government.

Abusedreamz EPFO Plans of Affordable Housing Scheme

The ministerial sources said that the labour ministry is currently preparing schemes for offering affordable housing for the Employees Provident Fund Organization subscribers and especially for those under the low income group category. With this the sources said that there are over 70 percent of the EPFO subscribers whose wages are lesser than Rupees 15, 000 per month.

The prime minister’s office sent a recent note asking the retirement fund body to promote this initiative of providing affordable housing for the subscribers and to utilize its funds for this purpose. The sources from Provident Fund Office said that if a corpus from the EPFO is created deploying 15 percent of the total provident fund it will amount to a credit flow of about Rupees 70 000 crores and is equivalent to funds required for 3.5 lakh additional low cost homes for the subscribers. Presently the EPFO manages a huge sum of Rupees  6.5 lakh crores and its annual incremental deposits is more than Rupees 70,000 crore. The EPFO is looking at a scheme wherein the subscribers can utilize their provident fund savings as a loan to fulfil the part payments of the cost of houses. Presently according to the stipulations the EPFO subscribers can withdraw money for the cause of building houses after completing five years of contribution to the provident fund.

The labour ministry is also thinking of options where it can provide subsidy to the EPFO subscribers who belongs to the low income category to facilitate the subscribers to avail various schemes of the government for low cost housing. This scheme will be kept optional for the subscribers of the EPFO as the ministry doesn't consider it necessary to provide affordable houses for the ones who already own a house.

The housing schemes will have different categories under different income brackets namely high income, low income and middle income. The houses offered and the financial schemes and incentives will be according to the basis of one’s income category.

Through the provident fund account the subscribers will pay the equal monthly instalments’ of the home loan procured. Information from sources reveals that the Employees Provident Fund Organization may create a fund from the total funds to create provisions for the housing loans for the subscribers at reasonable interest rates.

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Saturday, 3 January 2015

Dreamz Infra 2014 Last Home Fair Pics

Dreamz Infra recently conducted 2014 Last home fair on 27th and 28th December 2014. Many of the home buyers in Bangalore / Bengaluru visited this home fair and booked their dream home with ‘Dreamz Infra’. Below are the some pictures of Home Fair.

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 1

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 2

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 3

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 4

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 5

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 6

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 7

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 8

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 9

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 10

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 11

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 12

Dreamz Infra Dec Home Fair - 13

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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Dreamz Sangam Status – A Lake View Project in Bengaluru

Very good news to all Dreamz Sangam project customers. The construction of the project is in full swing. Below are the photos of construction photos of Dreamz Sangam Project at Silk Board. Everybody knows the demand of lake view projects in Bengaluru is more. Even expensive also in terms of buying those kind of apartments. But Dreamz Infra provided 2BHK and 3BHK flats in in Dreamz Sangam around 20 lakhs rupees as a Pre-Launch offer. Now customers of this project can see the updates here.

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 1

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 2

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 3

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 4

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 5

Dreamz Sangam Review & Status 6

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Friday, 5 December 2014

Best Schemes on Dreamz Infra Flats & Apartments

Dreamz Infra came up with extra ordinary offers on Bengaluru Flats / Apartments. Let’s build your Home with 4 easier schemes as mentioned below.

Scheme – 1
  • Pay just Down Payment!!
  • No more further Payment till Possession
  • No Pre-EMI
Projects are available under this scheme:
Dreamz Simant – Hosa Road
2BHK Market Price- 42.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 21 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 57.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 28.50 Lakhs

Dreamz Sampoorna at Electronic City
2BHK Market Price- 36.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 18 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 46.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 28 Lakhs

Dreamz Sadan - Kundalahalli
2BHK Market Price- 50.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 25 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 68.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 34 Lakhs

Scheme – 2
  • Pay just 2 & 3 Lakhs and own your Dream Home
Projects are available under this scheme:
Dreamz Savinay - Chandapura Road
1BHK Market Price- 18.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 09 Lakhs
2BHK Market Price- 26.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 13 Lakhs

Dreamz Sahavas - Begur Road
1BHK Market Price- 25.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 12.50 Lakhs
2BHK Market Price- 36.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 18 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 48.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 24 Lakhs

Dreamz Swagat - Sarjapur Road
1BHK Market Price- 24.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 12 Lakhs
2BHK Market Price- 41.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 20.50 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 58.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 29 Lakhs

Dreamz Sairam - Marathahalli
1BHK Market Price- 27.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 13.50 Lakhs
2BHK Market Price- 38.50 Lakhs; Our Price- 19.25 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 58.50 Lakhs; Our Price- 29.25 Lakhs

Scheme – 3
  • Pay just Flat cost & Avail FREE Car Parking worth Rs. 2 Lakhs
  • Amenities worth Rs. 2 Lakhs
  • BWSSB / BESCOM Charges Rs. 1 Lakh & Total Home Furniture worth Rs. 2.5 Lakhs
Projects are available under this scheme:
Dreamz Saakar - Hormavu
2BHK Market Price - 57.00 Lakhs; Offer Price - 28.50 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price - 77.00 Lakhs; Offer Price - 38.50 Lakhs

Dreamz Sarovar - Silk Board
2BHK Market Price - 45.00 Lakhs; Offer Price - 22.50 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price - 58.00 Lakhs; Offer Price - 29.00 Lakhs

Dreamz Ekadant - Sarjapur Road
2BHK Market Price - 54.00 Lakhs; Offer Price - 27 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price - 74.00 Lakhs; Offer Price - 37 Lakhs

Scheme – 4
  • Flat at Rs. 0 Down Payment
  • Pay effectively Rs. 0 to Own a Flat & Get 100% Home Loan
Projects are available under this scheme:
Dreamz Sumadhur – Vidyaranyapura
2BHK Market Price- 52.50 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 26.25 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 65.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 32.50 Lakhs

Dreamz Swadhyay – Whitefield
2BHK Market Price- 24.50 Lakhs; Our Price- 14 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 35.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 20 Lakhs

Dreamz Sneh – Marathahalli
2BHK Market Price- 52.00 Lakhs; Offer Price- 28 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 66.00 Lakhs; Offer Price- 35.50 Lakhs

Dreamz Shloka -2 – HSR Layout
2BHK Market Price- 50.50 Lakhs; Our Price- 25.25 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 69.00 Lakhs; Our Price- 34.50 Lakhs

Dreamz Sai Sagar – JP Nagar
2BHK Market Price- 42.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 23.50 Lakhs
3BHK Market Price- 67.00 Lakhs; Dreamz Price- 36 Lakhs

Call us and fix an appointment as per your selected location.
For North Bengaluru Call us on +91-080 67414848
Rest of the Bengaluru Call us on +91-080 67415522

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Dreamz Sneh Marathahalli Project - Construction is in Full Swing

Dreamz Sneh is one of the Projects from Dreamz Infra India Ltd constructing at Marathahalli location, Bengaluru. Marathahalli is one of the fastest growing locations in Bangalore due to good connectivity with Outer Ring road and Surrounded by Eco space, ITPL and Bellandur etc.

The project construction has been started long back and below are the pictures of construction till last week. Currently some flats are available in Sneh project under Management quota. Visit Dreamz Infra office at Silk Board to book your flat in Dreamz Sneh. Click for existing Dreamz Infra Customers Feedback and follow ‘Abuse Dreamz’ blog regularly know more Dreamz Infra projects status.

Dreamz Sneh Construction Photos

Dreamz Sneh Status - 1
Dreamz Sneh Status - 2

Dreamz Sneh Status - 3

Dreamz Sneh Status - 4

Dreamz Sneh Status - 5

Dreamz Sneh Status - 6

Dreamz Sneh Status - 7

Dreamz Sneh Status - 8

Dreamz Sneh Status - 9

Dreamz Sneh Status - 10

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bangalore, Chennai investors shows interest in Hyderabad

Hyderabad seems to be the new destination of the real estate investors of late. What seems to be the reason? Does it have anything to do with Bangalore and Chennai market’s recovery? Well it has. Read on to find out.


The market watchers opine that lot of second or even third sales are happening in areas like Sarjapur Road, Marathahalli, parts of Hosur Road and even Thanisandra and Whitefield. These sellers are targeting homes and property in Hyderabad. The market observers have noticed that people having multiple properties in Bangalore and Chennai are selling properties to invest in Hyderabad. They also state that this is also probably for the taste of success in real estate investment in Bangalore that they are trying to invest in other cities and markets. But the question is why Hyderabad.

What is special about Hyderabad?
This strategic move can be attributed if we look at the comparative prices of the property in these cities. A 2BHK apartment in Bangalore is priced in the range of Rs. 60 to 70 lakhs for a built-up area of about 1100 to 1300 sq. ft. In other places where the market is a bit more favourable like Kochi, it is Rs. 60 to 70 lakhs for a similar property and in Chennai it may range from Rs. 50 to Rs. 60 lakhs. In contrast to these cities a 2 BHK in Hyderabad can range about Rs. 45 to 50 lakhs in satellite areas and Rs. 50 to Rs. 60 lakhs in recently up-coming IT localities with a built up area of about the same.
The experts opine that this price and built-up area profitability is attracting the customers from other cities.


Where in Hyderabad are the investors mostly targeting?
The market watchers and brokers state that the small investors are mostly targeting areas like Miyapur, Nallagandla, or even the Madhapur-Gachibowli stretch. The newly built or the up-coming projects are priced at a range of Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3, 100 per sq. ft. in few of these locations. They also opine that the price increase has been of 2 to 5 per cent in the last year owing to the increased demand from the mid income group. The Hyderabad market watchers opine that the small investors of other cities have targeted Madhapur- Gachibowli stretch which has also witnessed a price rise within 10 per cent in the last year. The current price per sq. ft. in this region is Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000.

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Saturday, 18 October 2014

Demand for Independent houses in Bangalore on the rise

Bangalore real estate market shows a rise in the demand of independent houses, notwithstanding the increase of real estate prices. Data shows demand for independent houses were on the rise across all zones in the third quarter ending on September 2014. A 10 percent rise was noted in North and South Bangalore, while Central Bangalore witnessed a rise of 1 per cent, with the Western part showing a rise of 7 per cent. The highest trend of increasing demand for independent houses was noted in the Eastern part of the city which was 14 per cent.

The experts opine that the reason for this rise in demand of independent houses can be attributed to the rising cost of the apartments which are almost at par with the independent houses. Thus buyers increasingly opt for independent houses which gives them extra freedom and absolute title over the property with lesser cost of maintenance which is higher for apartments.

Apart from privacy and freedom, independent houses stand as a mark of status for an individual. The natural tendency of a buyer would be to decrease maintenance cost which is possible in case of independent houses as he can maintain it as per his own budget.

The experts opine that this trend is driven by the end users. As the majority of the buyers of property are migrants, the demand for multi-storey apartment is still higher. The buyers of independent houses are mostly locals, based in Bangalore who are smaller in number. This view of the experts holds good as the buyers are mostly from the service class working in sectors like IT, manufacturing, etc., holding senior positions.

Scope of variations in Real estate prices
Bangalore being a market driven by end users, the chances of higher fluctuations in prices are low, compared to real estate prices of Mumbai and Delhi.

PropIndex supports this view stating that the real estate market of Bangalore remained steady for the July- September, 2014 quarter. Listed Price Monitor remained the same with Bangalore City Index dropping by a mere 1 per cent during this quarter.

Experts think buyers are probably waiting for the prices to fall after the budget. But nevertheless there were increasing demand of real estate property in locations like Ulsoor, Bannerghatta Road, Sarjapur Road, Vidyaranyapura, HSR Layout, Hebbal, Electronic City, Hennur, Koramangala and Aga Abbas Ali Road among others.