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Dreamz Infra India Ltd. has traversed a long way, although in a short time in fulfilling the unmet dreams of many by providing affordable luxury homes to more than 5000 customers and is in contact with thousands of prospective customers as well. In addition there are other people who are directly or indirectly involved in Dreamz’s operations. We have tried to deliver our best in all our endeavours but as there is no end to perfection, we always strive to be even better.  In that we need your active help and cooperation in making our services better which in turn will make our relationship even more long lasting and a fruitful one. With this expectation we present this blog which is a transparent platform for exchange of views, reviews, and opinions of our old customers, existing customers and the prospective customers.

This blog is a platform which will bridge the gap between all of us and put all our problems, questions, queries, doubts, predicaments, views and reviews on a common platform to be shared by all. In this, we will be able to differentiate the facts from the opinions and make our views about the services of Dreamz Infra and where it stands when it comes to the services offered to you.

Dreamz Infra India Ltd. operates in a market place which is changing fast with the infrastructure of cities changing, rapid industrialization and coupled with migration from other parts of India. Real estate market is a place of numerous events with many developers plunging in to the market and the demographics of the markets are changing so fast that it gives rise to predictable and unpredictable trends. These are sometimes good and sometimes not so good for the end-users and so is it for the builders and developers and the big players of the market. Things are not constant in the real estate market with prices changing every quarter and the trend fluctuating with the bigger picture of the economy and also with the factors of the micro-market as well.  Amidst all these eventualities, the poor consumer is in a predicament who is investing his or her lifetime savings in the dream home, not knowing the possible outcomes. In such circumstances, it is imperative to make things more transparent and social with free exchange of opinions, ideas, reviews, feedbacks and comments from the developers, experts, market watchers, veterans and the end users alike.

This particular Dreamz Abuse blog attempts to bring all hidden issues to light to bring solutions to problems, confusions to be resolved and perspectives to be shared. This blog attempts to give you the advantage of the overview of the Indian real estate market of which Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai is also a part. In this blog we get to know the recent happening and trends in the real estate sector with writers and developers contributing from the major metro markets and also the views, doubts and questions of the consumers can be redressed. No wonder that Dreamz Infra India Ltd. and its past and present customers are a part of the big picture as well. Thus Dreamz takes this step by introducing this blog which will help you to be aware of the changes around you, making you a more learned customer or a service provider.

As an ending note, we conclude by welcoming your views, reviews, experiences and your valuable thoughts about the real estate industry and request you to make this blog a problem solving platform for all.

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