Monday, 15 July 2013

Reviews – To Inspire, Cherish & Learn

Dreamz infra pvt ltd

With the advent of user friendly technology and readily adaptable apps, social media has managed to buzz the minds of all its associated members in the rhythm of tweets, likes, shares & comments. Such dedicated we are, that instead of walking down to the neighborhood “sabzi mandi” (Indian for vegetable market), we prefer to feel the “tenderness of cabbage leaves & citruses” online…..After all, the satisfaction of paying some extra tips to the delivery boy at the end of the day adds an extra bit to our pursuit of Western lifestyle.
We break open the sealed parcel…..and Wham!! One apple is holed black inside…… The guilt sense of making an impractical purchase might or might not set in, but what definitely flashes across mind is, “Damn!! Should have glanced down the reviews thoroughly….. From next time will opt for the other grocery portal, it has higher fan following………………”. The popularity of the genre “reviews, irrespective of being ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘useful’, ‘meaningless’ does not really require a special mention, but the craze of double clicking the negative tones surpasses that of the positive reviews by a quite high percentage…. Even if the ratio is ‘1:9’.

How often have we questioned our instinct of digging up scathing comments? Keep at bay the poor performing businesses….For reputable entrepreneurs too, we relish bits of anguishing remarks amidst forests of praise, much alike the tamarind candies tickling our taste buds after a full course meal. Perhaps this reader notion instigates a commenter to upload reviews with exaggerated disappointment, or simply baseless abuses to lure exclamatory attention, which might be distantly or nowhere related to his or her real experience.

May be now it is the right time to bring into picture the online players.... Enter: Website Fraudulence, Phishing, Spam & Scam. Their virulence have blessed the fake online profiles with the power of uploading awful remarks that are brain-washers enough to sow a seed of doubt amidst the already-convinced soil of trust. Result? …. Customers & employees losing faith. Well this is something almost every flourishing firm has faced. The wrath of rumored allegations have victimized global performers, be it an iconic figure or successful domain representatives like Apple, Samsung and Nokia. Nevertheless, if these all-rounders would have closed down their shutters under the threat of being nipped in the budding stage, the world would have regretted few of the most remarkable technology blossoms of the era.

A hardcore believer of hype-less perseverance, Dreamz Infra Pvt. Ltd. has already started getting weathered against similar experiences, within its short-spanned journey across real-estate topographies within 2 years of its inception. Although we have been fortunate enough to preserve and cherish the supportive feedbacks from majority of our client family, each of the milestones paving our success has been randomly seasoned with maligning spices. Disheartening, discouraging and disturbing…….though these remarks are, negligible misconception is what they have managed to create around out strong foundation ethics.

Googling across our review platforms (Dreamz Infra Reviews, DreamzGK Infra Reviews) we have consistently been keen to gather a note on customer opinions, and recent days saw us encounters with weirdly expressed feedback's from faulty profiles. A neutral path of reaction was what we preliminarily chose to maintain decency of online activities, and respect the authenticity of other genuine reviews. At present too, we are toiling hard to absorb lessons and inspiration available from the reviews, to maximize the scope of our improvement. We believe in celebrating our self-advertising excellence rather silently than marketing gimmicks, and our strategy will surely attribute to substantiating the falseness of the short-lived allegations.
Few more years down the line, we hope to sail the flourishing clouds, and leave behind the black-marks nibbling our nascent reputation.


  1. To know about some unknown company or any product, the best way is reading reviews through internet in different portals. Even it is not 100% sure, but up to some extent we can put our belief on the reviews.

  2. Brief Description on the reviews. But dropping a comment on a firm will take just 5 minutes whether it is positive or negative. Be careful before believing the reviews. Visiting their company is the best option instead of reading reviews.

  3. Phishing spammers are increasing day by day.Please be ware of the reviews or complaints in internet. With this spammers some of the good companies also getting blammed. To get a reputation it will take more years, but to ruin their reputation it is just 2 mins. of work in internet.

  4. There are so many portals which are working genuinely, Which are helping the customers to know much about any organisation. Before buying any product now a days people are searching for the reviews in the Internet and after that they are proceeding for the next step.