Monday, 24 February 2014

Real Estate Sector is ready to See Big Deals in 2014 – Dreamz Infra News

After 2013 ended with many obstacles in real estate sector, the real estate developers welcomed New Year-2014 with a hope to get rid of the lack of funding, which was also one major obstacle in 2013. Many crucial policy resolutions considered this year is likely to make the funding of the projects easier for the real estate developers. Big investments are expected by the developers through Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) or in the form of private equity.

Currently, Blackstone is considered as the largest investor in commercial real estate sector, which has funded around $1 billion in the real estate sector of the country and most of the investments since 2011 are done in IT parks and Special Economic Zones (SEZ).
Most of the investors have kept their eyes wide open for REIT structures and some among them are investors like IDFC, Everstone, and Xander, which controls capital of over $2 billion and around 50 million square feet of residential, commercial, and business properties.

It is likely that the REITs would spur growth in the real estate sector if they are in validation to the taxation laws. It is also comprehended that the residential segment in the real estate sector should record a substantial growth with the investments through which the residential sector will witness profit. Some of the policy decisions like Land Acquisition Act, the Regulator Bill, and the REIT guidelines are anticipated to help in the progress of the real estate sector of the country.

Many real estate experts do recommend of funding for land purchase as it will reduce the burden of the developers by giving an easy liquidity option. Some of the veterans also believe that due to some practices practiced in the real estate sector has made the NRIs to think from investing money in the sector.

Most of the real estate sector player and watchers hope that post general elections the government will take measures to improve economy and will also consider in the budget to reduce the liquidity issues in the sector. The REIT is to be executed with comprehensible taxation guidelines this year, which is anticipated to carry some optimistic changes in the sector. Furthermore, real estate developers are anticipated to secure a considerably large amount of financing with the launch of various big projects.

Therefore, 2013 saw an uncertain growth in the real estate sector of the country and made lenders and developers to wait for some policy decision like REIT, along with other rate and profit research. With 2013 ending with few positive notes, 2014 is welcomes with a hope of huge increase in the growth of the real estate market from which both the buyers and investors will benefit.

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