Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Bangaloreans being preferred Mysore as a second home destination

Mysore is growing at a faster rate. Every one related to the realty sector in Bangalore is optimistic about the upcoming developments in the city. A lot many people commute from Bangalore to Mysore on every day basis due to their employment requirements. Due to this heavy commute daily an expected real estate development may happen doubling in numbers providing many residential opportunities. There are chances of the Bangalore - Mysore railway to get some speed also. The plan still has some time to happen. By the time things take shape some of the buyers are taking Mysore as a second option for investment destination. With the year gone by the number of people traveling up and down Bangalore - Mysore has doubled in numbers and stands around 50,000 now. Keeping in mind the increasing stress of population migrating on daily basis the real estate has started taking precautions so that the commuters will be able to a comfortable journey as compared to the current situation.

According to an apartment consulting company it is speculated that Mysore will soon see an outburst of an IT Hub, which will happen in rounds and this has been stagnant for a couple of months. But some momentum is been expected in the near time to come.


The confederation of Indian Industries CII has declared Mysore as a potential destination for IT and ITeS. It is also a known fact that an industrial hub is coming u at Chamrajanagar which will boost the plantation as well as the horticulture industries. Due to such major advancements the job avenues will also widen.

The strengthened image of job opportunities will also shape the growth of Mysore. Due to Mysore’s nearness to Chennai, Kerala and Bangalore there is a major number of non- local working populations. If Mysore emerges as a site of opportunities then this working and employed population, will be seen as potential investors of real estate property in the area.

Mysore property prices
As a wide range of property options are available in Bangalore for the future potential buyers. Every investor aims for an affordable deal. The price tag of major residential setting is tagged around 40 Lakhs. The price range of a 2BHK unit is ranging around Rupees. 27 to Rupees. 92 Lakhs depending on several factors of amenities. This price tag is relative to the size of the unit offered which around 875 sq. ft. to 1480 sq. ft. whereas the unit price of 3BHK is around Rupees. 32 Lakhs to 1.4 Crore and the size for the same is nearly 1000 to 2700 sq. ft. Mysore will also have residential settings in form of apartments, villas and also builder floors.

Why to consider Mysore
Mysore is little away from city peaceful and calm. The city has a well spread greenery and serenity. It is a heaven for the retired people to settle. Mysore is relatively affordable and that is one of the reasons for the city being preferred by many. Mysore also offers low cost housing which is ideal for the working population. The NRI investors are eager to invest in Mysore according to a local real estate company many of the HNI’s and the NIR’s have put forward a lot of enquires for living in this region. Mysore undoubtedly fits their bill as a settlement area. It is also estimated that the capital appreciation can happen up to 25 % year after year making the place ideally suiting for affordable investments. Mysore is far from problems like water scarcity and also has a very stable social and a physical infrastructure. There are schools, collages, undergraduate and medical collages in Mysore in abundant numbers.

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  1. Mysore has the same qualities like Bangalore, As it is well spread with huge number of trees Mysore also a very peaceful cool place. Already the companies like Infosys started their companies in that area. As the population is increasing in Bangalore , even investors are also slowly turning their investments into Mysore.

  2. There is news that Accenture, IBM, Cognizant Technologies and Honeywell too might extend their operations in Mysore. And wherever IT companies go they usually provide a push to other residential and retail sector too.