Tuesday, 23 September 2014

BDA in the game of Withholding and Re-modification

The former government Congress seems to have outfoxed the precursor the BJP Government in withholding premium lands at the Arkavathy Layout. It is not only withholding more land but also it reformed many specifications and technical alignments to confront the process.

They first changed the word withholding to recodification this was initially done to avoid the rigorous regulations interlinked in the withholding process and also it was done to get rid of the scrutiny by a technically sound committee who has a correct grasp over the entire knowledge.

This withholding and de-notification was done according to the order of the court. The court has asked the government to redo the scheme and reframe it again, the court also urged to give a new name to the scheme rejuvenated and reframed.

This replacement of the term helped the BDA to avoid the revenue department order which was dated in December 20, 2012 this distributed the strategies for the de-notification and also helped in taking ownership of public and also the private land in the state of Karnataka. This change of term and the order made it much clear and necessary for the entire de-notification submissions notwithstanding of the jurisdictional departments to be liable to surrender all documents to the committee of five members which is usually headed by an added scrutiny chief. This decision could not be further overridden at any point of time and at any circumstances.

Majorly the BDA officers ostensibly certainly at the state government, interchanged the term to re-modification to circumvent the committee, as per the sources if the scenario could not be handles so there would have been constraints in the scene that time.

As this same re-modification was attempted in the early time too, there was an immense lack of required strategies and procedures this attempted resulted in a bypassing of the jury to pass a de-notification order which was passed by the then Chief Minister.

But this de-notification was made necessary in the year 2012 immediately after the state government was taken under charge by the Comptroller and the Auditor General (CAG) to take of those inconsistent and unlawful de-notifications of the properties as well as lands in the area of Bangalore.

A set of all the guidelines and strategies was issued to all the authoritative persons of the revenue department. These higher authorities have the required power and strength to procure and acquire land and property which is inclusive of the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA), it also includes names like Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB), Karnataka Housing Board (KHB) This was also ensuring the inclusion of the Urban Development Authorities which were constituted under the Karnataka Development Authorities Act of 1987.

Source: http://content.magicbricks.com/industry-news/bangalore-real-estate-news/denotification-bda-remodifies-name-of-the-game/73621.html

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  1. Lot of modifications have to be done. With the Act of BDA and CAG, Lot of illegal land may come into picture soon. Very useful article on this Withholding and Re-modification topic.