Saturday, 15 November 2014

Dreamz Sneh Marathahalli Project - Construction is in Full Swing

Dreamz Sneh is one of the Projects from Dreamz Infra India Ltd constructing at Marathahalli location, Bengaluru. Marathahalli is one of the fastest growing locations in Bangalore due to good connectivity with Outer Ring road and Surrounded by Eco space, ITPL and Bellandur etc.

The project construction has been started long back and below are the pictures of construction till last week. Currently some flats are available in Sneh project under Management quota. Visit Dreamz Infra office at Silk Board to book your flat in Dreamz Sneh. Click for existing Dreamz Infra Customers Feedback and follow ‘Abuse Dreamz’ blog regularly know more Dreamz Infra projects status.

Dreamz Sneh Construction Photos

Dreamz Sneh Status - 1
Dreamz Sneh Status - 2

Dreamz Sneh Status - 3

Dreamz Sneh Status - 4

Dreamz Sneh Status - 5

Dreamz Sneh Status - 6

Dreamz Sneh Status - 7

Dreamz Sneh Status - 8

Dreamz Sneh Status - 9

Dreamz Sneh Status - 10


  1. I am one of the Dreamz Sneh project customer. I am eagerly waiting for my flat. Please finish asap..

  2. Very existing when Dreamz Sneh project construction will finish. I got my flat in Dreamz Sneh at very affordable price and I strongly recommend this builder.

  3. Dreamz sneh project customers are lucky because by seeing the speed of construction we can expect Dreamz builder will complete this project before the mentioned date..

  4. Dreamz Sneh one of the best projects in Marathahalli and Dreamz Infra is providing flats in Sneh at very affordable prices. I strongly suggest this builder to buy flats in Bengaluru.

  5. 2 months before i owned an apartment in this Dreamz Sneh project. In this duration i had seen a tremendous changes in the construction. Very good flow of construction with quality materials. Regularly going and visiting this project hope everything goes in the same way in the coming days also.

  6. Keep on updating Sneh Project construction pics so that by seeing the pics pf constructions all the customer feels happy and recommends to others…..

  7. I’m one of the customers of the flat in Dreamz Sneh, by seeing the construction progress I can say Dreamz will complete the task within 4-6 months as mentioned in the project completion report.. Whatever seems do fast and complete this project work…

  8. Everyone is waiting for the completion of this project and to get enter into their dream home, Come on Dreamz make it fast everyone is exciting to stay in their own home..

  9. I feel I’m the luckiest person, because at the end of finishing the registration on that time I got chance to register my dream flat. Now its construction also started completely hope so I will get my flat as soon ….

  10. Coming new year will be good for me because I’m going top live in my dream flat which I booked in Dreamz Sneh project, Thanks for the Dreamz doing fast process…

  11. Let me know please when they will hand over our dream flats….

    1. Dear Abhimanyu, Thank you for your comment. Could you please tell us in which project you booked a Flat? So that we can check and let you know the update..

  12. Yaa...... nice view , its making me feel great. The Sneh project is Marathalli which is one of the prime location of Bangalore. But as per the me the price was so much affordable. I don't believe that i got a flat in such a price. Thanks Dreamz Infra for updating the pics.

  13. Nice view ................ lets see when it will be finish. But the way dreamz infra quickly trying to finish the Sneh project that is admirable. I booked a flat in Sneh due to the good location of marathahalli. Its near to my office and surrounded by a good hygienic location.

  14. I know when i booked a flat with Dream Infra in their Sneh project that they will complete it within time. Really appreciable work from the Dreamz Team. After watching all these pics i am glad to say that i did a great decision for being with builder like Dreamz Infra.

  15. Marathahalli is a superb and unique location for the people who want to settle their life. Because this place is surrounded by hospitals, schools, IT parks, malls and theaters. That is why always the traffic is very high in this area. So getting a flat in such type of area with an affordable price that is everybody's wish. I am very much happy after watching all these pics, my home construction is in best hand.

  16. Dear Rakesh,
    Wow. Lot of thanks to you to provide excellent photography. I have also booked one flat in "SNEH". I am far away from Bangalore, but Photos provided by you are really awesome and I am feeling that I am beside you. the whole surroundings also become alive. please keep updated.