Friday, 24 April 2015

Marathahalli goes high on Return on Investment

Bengaluru is a city which may be quite confusing for an investor as many newer sectors and micro-markets are emerging with varying potential of return on investment. IT parks and SEZs are being developed at every corner which is increasing the value of the adjoining areas. The Outer Ring Road not only accentuated the value of places like Bellandur, Marathahalli, Silk Board, HSR Layout, Hebbal and KR Puram but there are other places also in Bengaluru which have high promises of return on investment.

Every investor ponders before investment and is in a sort of a predicament about his or her rate of returns. In this respect Marathahalli is undoubtedly an investor’s paradise with a promise of monthly assured return of Rs. 15, 000 to Rs. 60, 000 per month as rent. But let’s analyze the factors that make Marathahalli such a desirable spot for the investors.

At prices of about Rs. 3, 500 to Rs. 5, 500 per square feet, the area offers options for both investors to invest early in projects and also the end users who want to invest in ready to move in properties. Marathahalli offers properties from Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 2 crores. So one has the freedom to choose from different properties depending upon one’s life style. Although the resale options are open to one as well.

The realtors feel that notwithstanding the fact that Marathahalli is affordable by all standards of the population the area is quite cosmopolitan with a very good social infrastructure. The connectivity is second to none with close proximity to the city and Indiranagar through the Old airport road and the Outer Ring Road connect it to the North South and further East of the city to Whitefield. The International Airport is also closer being about 46 km away through the Outer Ring Road.

Marathahalli is becoming the attraction of most of the developers with different classes of projects and buildings emerging and is dotting in and around Marathahalli just like any other metro destinations of the country. The businessmen of all and different trades are also increasingly becoming interested about Marathahalli because of its strategic location amidst the IT parks and SEZs and also the NH-7 being in the vicinity is an added advantage. Marathahalli is second to none in the matter of return on investment as both demand and the rental value is high here.

But the residents opine there are few concerns too as there are so many advantages. One of it is the peak hour traffic which may make one to plug one’s ears and is one of the busiest corridors. Water supply may be another concern as the residents say that the Cauvery water supply has not yet been received by the inhabitants and the only source of water is the bore well.

With the rapid development of Marathahalli the environment has totally changed with the increase of construction work going on and in this, few residents doubted about safety. Security may be an issue as residents are worried about their kids when they go out to play.

But these issues are there almost everywhere and so in sharp contrast with the advantages and the prospects of the place price of land parcels are rocketing sky high with all the developers flocking in the area. In this spree the expert realtor advises to be careful about the Khata status of the property. He also advises to check the documents properly before one decides to buy any property in Marathahalli.

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  1. For every new visitor whether he came in a search of job or for tourism purpose Marathahalli is the ideal place to stay and it comes in his first preference. The reason may be different for person to person but the aim of staying here is only because of its connectivity and easy access to all the desired places. As the demand is more than common residential areas of Bangalore so the price of property in this area is also high. This is enough to provoke owners to sale their property to multiple person so buying property here needs a butter fly eyes to check everything. If you owes properties here than you don’t need to worried about your income in Bangalore.

    1. Ganesh Chandra8 May 2015 at 14:38

      I am living in an apartment in marathahalli, paying 18k per month as rent for a 2bhk flat excluding additional charges. I know I can easily find a place which will be much low in price comparing to this but the kind of location and transport communication facility I am getting here will never be found so I am sticking to this place. This place is in demand so illegal land selling will be happening here. But still if I got any chance of buying property I will prefer Marathahalli first.

  2. No matter people are working in which area but Marathahalli is becoming the center of attraction. Most of the local and migrate people from other state choosing Marathahalli as per their convenient place.

  3. Dinesh Kumar Dhingra4 May 2015 at 15:54

    Every place comes with some merits and demerits, so as Marathahalli has. The water problem is not new to Bangalore and is not specific to Marathahalli only. BBMP is arranging water tanker everywhere with just Rupees 400-800 depending on locations. Now talking about traffic issue, yes during the pic office hours it is so heavily trafficked that there won’t be a single spot to drop a pin. Every Metros comes with this kind of traffic there is nothing to think about it only we can be more cautious to avoid accidents. Barricades should be arranged in proper manner with few more street lights and foot bridges we can avoid this kind of situation.

  4. The outer ring road is directly connect to marathahali, so their is no issue of transportation. For residential purpose marathahalli is the most prefered location. And sorrounding marathahalli their is many IT parks and malls, which is giving the extra advantage to marathahalli.

  5. Who ever coming from out side of Bangalore , for them Marathahalli is the idea place. All the social amenities people are getting very easily their. Even the renal homes rate are quite decent. That is the only reason most of he Bangalore people are trying to invest in Marathahalli for getting the returns.

  6. The outer ring serving a lot to Marathahalli , for this reason Marathahalli is getting a very good crowd. Apart from this the IT parks are putting a great strength for Marathahalli .