Thursday, 22 October 2015

Super Sale Of flats In Bengaluru – Festive Season Offers Extended At Dreamz Infra

There is good news for the people looking for luxury flats and apartments in Bengaluru at affordable costs and prices. Many know about Dreamz Infra who sells low cost flats and apartments in Bengaluru and virtually the company is treated as the forerunner in this movement of affordable flats and apartments in the IT Capital. The reason being the company started selling flat and apartments at a price 40 to 50 percent lesser than the market rates. This made the company popular and Dreamz GK grew in leaps and bounds.

The good news is that the company held a super sale of flats in all corners of Bengaluru with even more discounts and offers of winning prizes by the customers, on the occasion of Navaratri. The festive offer also facilitated the customers with a due diligence process where the company allowed the prospective customers to verify their doubts and questions and even they also allowed the buyers to talk with the land owners too. Only then if the customers are convinced they may book the flats.

This offer has been extended by few days and this is indeed good news for the buyers from the company’s end. We fervently hope that people who were not able to make it last time will make it this time.


  1. As of my knowledge low cost flats and affordable housing with all amenities concept in Bangalore real estate was brought by Dreamz Infra. Now looking at the pricing strategy many builders came to the similar segment and trying their hands in building affordable flats for their customers. Still Dreamz Infra is the key player in this segment, this festive offers and discounts are proofs shouting that no one can sale their flats as low as Dreamz Infra.

  2. I like the idea of Dreamz Infra how they are clearing the doubts of their customers by several steps. Few days’ back I visited them to check out the construction progress on my projects which I have invested on its pre launched stage. That time I have simply booked a flat simply by believing their words. Today they are entertaining their customers by meeting with the old customers and the owner of the projected land and several process and they are showing every proof to clarify their customer s doubts.