Saturday, 7 November 2015

Dreamz Infra Diwali Offers- A Good Opportunity For Customers To Encash

We are Dreamz Infra India Ltd., the mother of affordable housing in the expensive city of Bengaluru. We are proud to announce that we sell flats at half the prices at which the market sells. The question naturally arises that there must be some snags or hidden agenda somewhere or else how is it possible. That’s what the market thought about us three or four years back and there was skepticism about us. Today we have proved that it is possible and Bengaluru’s real estate is a bit overpriced wherein we have sacrificed our profits for you and have gone for mass production. We have already given possession to 300 + families in our completed apartments with service warranty and they are highly satisfied with what they got and the price at which they got it.

That is our specialty which makes us stand proudly among thousands of real estate companies all over Bangalore.  We thank the customers and the denizens of the IT capital for their support for which we have more than 40 projects in the city today. Many among these have been on the way of completion and we will complete these very soon.

The good news is that there is a festive offer in this season of Diwali and we intend to give more discounts to our esteemed customers with winning prizes too like motor bikes, cars and other gifts and prizes.  Flats and apartments all over the city will be on the display and we invite all who desire to avail flats and apartments in Bengaluru at affordable prices and more importantly within their budgets. You need not worry as our financial consultants will assist you in arranging for the finances from the banks with your support. What else! Just go for it and grab a flat at half the prices at locations where you will reap three times the value within a year. See you at the festival. Happy Home shopping!! A happy Diwali!!

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  1. Now Dreamz Infra is no more a new face to real estate market of Bangalore, it built its name as a builder of affordable housing. The builder is a complete package of innovative technology and marketing mix, I believe this offer must have result a great success for Dreamz Infra.