Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Lake View Properties are Making the Sensation in Bangalore

If one was to give little attention to the property hoardings that rule the Bangalore cityscape, one would find that real-estate developers would make us believe that they were setting up a humid heaven in the suburbs. This is primarily due to the fact that they make maximum usage of the words such as 'lakefront', 'lakefacing' and 'lakeview'. The images too that go with them are that of a father and son fishing in a stream and so on. It is believed that the lakes were an inherent part of a centuries-old system of waterbodies. This is presently getting chocked due to excessive urban development in Bangalore.

It is believed that the realtors are selling such studios as 'lakeview' properties. The name just remains though the lake itself is gone. There have come up many groups in the city which are seen fighting for the renovation of the lakes. And most the efforts to revive the dying lakes have borne the fruit of the labor.

The city had approximately 270 flourishing wetlands or lakes in the 1970s. Moreover, the Bangalore city’s exclusive surging landscape permitted the development of natural trenches where water was collected and compound ecosystems arose. The people who resided around them needed them for their day to day livelihood.

Apart from this, the lakes also provided drinking water. Hence, extreme care was taken about them. However, as the city grew and spread, it was seen that the farmlands in those places was sold as residential plots or SEZs. With this, the catchment areas shrank. It also saw the lakes drying up with some of them turning into drains and marshes.

2008 saw the BBMP make a list of lakes to revitalize. BE Satish, a government officer, chief engineer of lakes at BBMP, listened to the citizens of Kaikondrahalli crowd and acknowledged their suggestions and ideas. Another prominent step that he took was to scrap the agency's idea to start a landscaped garden and boating amenities in the lake around it to reserve the varied ecosystem.

The conservation group made sure the lake reserved some of the uses it had maintained previously. They included a (a small tank), kalyani, wherein people could perform immersions and religious rituals. Moreover, a non-profit organization, United Way Bengaluru, has funded the upkeep of the lake which has 'adopted' 11 other lakes also in the city.



  1. Yes i heard about lake view properties.. Since Bangalore is green city and having so many lakes across city, the projects are constructing lake view surrounding area.

  2. Now a days so much craze of lake view properties, specially in bangalore, delhi, mumbai etc.. is there any lake view projects are about to complete in bangalore??

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  4. From our ancient fore fathers the first choice of living place is near to lakes because of the benefits of getting edible water and food regularly but now people are more excited to live near lake because of the morning water view. Who won’t love to see floating birds on river at their first view of morning!! The reflecting lights of sun on river attract every human to stand still and enjoy for a moment. The reason is oblivious for rise in price because more people are demanding these areas.