Saturday, 7 December 2013

Know What Are the Biggest Mistakes First Time Home Buyers Usually Make

Everybody dreams of owing a house of their own. It is in fact the biggest purchase one can possibly make in their entire lifetime. For the first time home buyers, the whole experience of buying a home can be scary and frustrating too apart from being exciting. Find out the biggest mistakes that home buyers usually make here:

Not Securing Loan Approval
This is perhaps the biggest mistake that home buyers can make while buying a house. Usually it so happens that the bank might not be ready to lend the amount as to what you can afford to buy a home. Hence, it is always advisable to obtain a pre-approval at the first go. This will help you arrive at estimation about your investment while depending on the loan amount bank sanctioned to buy a house.

Not Knowing How Much You Can Afford
It is very important that you know how much you can spend on your new home apart from the monthly expenses. It is also advisable to buy a house that you can afford to pay the EMIs for. The first thing that you must do is prepare a budget. It is advisable to never go beyond your pre-planned budget as doing so may only weaken your financial situation.

Compromising On Essential Things
Do your bit of research before buying a house. Calculate and arrive at the estimated amount that you may have to likely part with while buying a home.

Waiting For Better Deal Every Time
Again doing appropriate research and arriving at the right decision is very important while buying a home. You can expect fluctuations in the realty market and must be prepared for that.

Spending Huge Amount to Get a Perfect Home
Many a times, the home buyers end up paying a huge amount while buying their dream house. Moreover, the home buyers mostly overlook the exorbitant cost of the house when they find their dream house and end up paying the money.

Trying To Do Home Upgrades All Alone
It may burn a hole in your pocket if without any prior experience you try to upgrade your home all alone. This may not be the right move as you may end up paying more money in a bid to save money. Hence, you must get help from experienced property manager who can guide you in your investments.


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  2. securing loan approvals, is very much helpful for the middle class people. Before booking a flat from any builder it is better that to en quire the EMI details and loan process.